Welcome to School of Pure and Applied Science

The mission of the School is to provide high quality education based on modern scientific teaching and research techniques and to produce highly trained scientists in the various disciplines to meet the ever growing challenges of a   dynamic world in the pure sciences and to offer practical solutions to problems affecting humanity in applied sciences.

The school forms one of the nineteen (19) schools of the university and has a student population approximately 2000.

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I celebrate Kenyatta University for creating great innovative minds in science based fields. I have a great experience in my studies at the school of pure and applied science....I appreciate the services offered.

John Karima

A world of pleasure and enjoyable academia. Three things you can never recover in life: the WORD after it has been said, the MOMENT after its missed and the TIME after its gone. For me I have found all three by choosing Kenyatta University-School of Pure and applied Sciences.



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