Materials Science (Thin Films)

Main research topic(s): Development of new materials for PRAM and solar cell applications.
Main facility(ies): Thin film deposition unit
Members of staff: Dr. W.K. Njoroge, Dr. P.K. Karimi, Dr. M. Munji, Prof. J. Okumu
External collaboration: Dr. J.M. Ngaruiya (JKUAT), Dr. W. Wamwangi (Witswassersrand, South Africa)

Materials Science (Polymers)

Main research topic(s): Development of new biodegradable materials.
Main facility(ies): Dynamical mechanical analyser.
Members of staff: Dr. A.S. Merenga, Dr. C. Migwi, Dr. D.B. Bem, Mr. L.O. Ochoo
External collaboration: Prof. Kremer. (Leipzig University, Germany), Prof. G. Katana (Pwani University, Kenya)

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