Title/Qualifications: Ph.D
Department of Physics
Contact Address:
Kenyatta University, P.O. Box 43844-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
 Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Material Science
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Importance of the field of Nanotechnology 

i)– emerging technology for medical applications, especially in the drug delivery into the human system and treatment of deceases like cancer, TB among others.
ii)-Emerging technology for application in agriculture – for the purpose of controlled delivery of fertilizer and water to plants and crops only when the plant needs supply -for the purpose of avoiding wastage by unnecessary supply.
PhD – Experimental Research
Investigated: Influence of metal Nanoparticles on the optical properties (light absorption and emission) of two dye compounds. This was for the purpose of establishing the science of the mechanisms of action of the metal nanoparticles on their surrounding material substances, for the purpose of extending their use to – medical applications, industrial applications on solar cell materials.

Published Research- in reputable refereed journals:

  1. (Ochoo et al, 2012) – Journal of Nanoparticle Research - Modeled mechanism of the light energy absorption by metal Nanoparticles of Ag, Au and Cu, providing a plausible equation for predicting the energy absorption behavior of the metal NPs, where important parameters of influence and their magnitude of influence are identified
  2. (Ochoo et al, 2018) –Cancer Nanotechnology Journal-Has Identified important parameters for recognizing the most effective metal nanoparticle sizes that would have efficient influence on the electromagnetic field effect in the destruction of cancer cells. In this publication, we have also identified one of the earlier ignored but a very important underlying mechanisms in the Nanoparticles-aided Electromagnetic field destruction of cancer cell.

Current /Ongoing Research Activities

  1. (Dr Ochoo/Dr. Nyenge (Phys. Department)- Through VC’s Research Grant (2016) –Working on an electromagnetic field profiler for non-invasive diagnosis of cancer, this would allow for quick, easy and non-invasive means of screening for cancer.
  2. Prof.Njue (Chem)/Dr. Maingi (Microbio)/Dr. Ochoo (Phys) - Through VC’s Research Grant (2016) – Preparing Metal Nanoparticle of Ag and Au-using plant extracts and testing their antimicrobial effect