Qualification: PhD
Position :Lecturer
Department: Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences
Address: P.O. Box 43844, 00100,Nairobi, Kenya
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Skype: ananda.kube


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Financial mathematics originated in the early 1970s with the seminal papers of Black, Scholes and Merton and subsequently led to tremendous growth in derivative markets. The financial crisis of 2008 exacerbated current practice and this necessitated a change to prudent risk management techniques. The mathematical techniques widely applied include: probability theory, machine learning (FinMetrics), stochastic calculus, extreme value theory to develop solutions for such complex financial issues. Dr. Ananda has research interests in Financial Econometrics, Computational Statistics, Time Series and Financial Risk Analysis. He is currently enrolled with the CFA Institute for professional training in financial analysis. Up to date, he has a couple of collaborative publications in Financial Derivative Pricing and Risk Management based on Economic Time Series with Time-Varying volatility. He is a member of The Actuarial Society of Kenya (TASK), The Kenya National Statistical Society (KNSS) (holding position of the Coordinator Nairobi region) and The International Biometric Society (IBS) as professional societies.


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  • Third Kenyatta University International Mathematical Conference, June 2019. Paper presented: Contagion processes in financial markets.
  • Strathmore Mathematics Conference, 2012. Presented paper Conditional CAPM in Financial Risk Management: A Quantile Autoregression approach
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