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We are part of the School of Pure and Applied Sciences and offer units to students from the School of Education. Our students combine the physics units with units from Mathematics or Chemistry departments.

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We have an active link with the University of Aachen in Germany for over five years. The link has seen our postgraduate students benefit from scholarships which have enabled them pursue their Ph.D at Aachen University, while the lecturers have benefited from exchange of staff visits. We have also initiated a new link with Leipzig University and again one postgraduate student has already benefited from scholarship to undertake his Ph.D research at Leipzig University. There are opportunities for you to benefit from these links through staff/student exchange and joint research activities.

Specialty and Branding
In line with our department's desire to move into the fields of applied physics, and in a bid to diversify its programs so as to retain graduates capable of coping with the challenges posed by the emerging technologies such as telecommunication and information technology, we have started a programme in B.Sc (Telecommunication and Information Technology).

To enhance physics graduates career prospects in today's limited and competitive job market, we have been revising our courses regularly. Currently, we have embarked upon applied physics courses where on enrolling in the department you will have an opportunity to select one area of specialization depending on your career interests.

The department has four undergraduate laboratories and a research laboratory managed by highly trained technical staff. The major equipment available include the Dynamic Mechanical Analyses (DMA), Vacuum Coating Unit and its accessories, NaI (TI) gamma ray spectrometer, magnetometer for geophysical measurements, optical spectrometer and computing facilities among others.

Student Destinations
Physicists are in high demand and the careers open to them are diverse. The opportunities available include:
  • Higher degrees to become researcher scientists and academicians in Universities.
  • Government Departments, e.g., Materials Laboratory in the ministries of Transport and Communications, Public Works, Energy, Environment and Natural Resource.
  • Kenya Bureau of Standards, Ken-Gen etc.
  • Non-governmental organization and private companies e.g., Oil Companies, Kencell, Kengo, Safari-Com etc.
  • Above all, a physics graduate is equipped with various skills, which allow them to adapt easily to other related career.


Research Activities
The staff and postgraduate students are actively involved in research in the following areas:

  • Thin films for optical switches and smart window applications.
  • Molecular dynamics of Polymeric Materials.
  • The study of electron and positron scattering with atoms and ions using distorted wave method.
  • Microprocessor based multifunction signal systems.
  • Electrical and opto-electric properties of organic thin films.
  • Numerical simulation of fluid flow in a dual porosity geothermal systems.


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