Prof. Leo Odiwuor Odongo

Papers Presented in Conferences

  • Is it possible to achieve objective measurements in education? By Enrico Rogora, David Malonza and Leo Odongo
  • Model-Based non parametric estimation of the finite population total under two-stage cluster sampling. By Karoki Samuel, Leo Odongo and Kahiri James
  • A model for misclassification errors in single stage cluster sampling. By Kahiri, James, Odongo Leo and Karoki Samuel
  • Stakeholders’ Workshop on External Peer Review of Universities, Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi, Kenya, 24-25 March, 2011
  • International Congress of Mathematicians, Hyderabad , India, 19-27 August, 2010 ,
  • 1st East African Regional Scientific Conference of Pure and Applied Sciences, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya, 10-14 August , 2010
  • Curriculum Development Workshop for Bachelor of Science (Military Studies), North Coast Beach Hotel, Mombasa, 1st -4th April, 2010
  • Public Procurement Workshop, Kenyatta University Conference Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, 11th April 2008
  • Transformative Leadership for Rapid Results Initiative: A Programme for Senior Management Staff of Kenyatta University, Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi, Kenya, 4th -6th October, 2007.
  • 2nd African Regional Congress of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction –AFRICME 2, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, May 23-26, 2007
  • HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming Workshop –School of Pure and Applied Sciences, Utalii College Nairobi, Kenya, 4th April, 2007.
  • Kenyatta University Senior Management Workshop held at The Traveler’s Beach Hotel, Mombasa, 3rd May to 6th May, 2006.
  • 5th Symposium on Training and Research on PAMO (PAMOSTR) Held in Nairobi at The Kenya Institute of Education, 10th April to 15th April, 2006
  • International Conference on Transformation on Higher Education Management and Leadership for Efficacy in Africa, Kenyatta University, Kenya, November, 12-16, 2001.
  • Rapid Assessment and Response, Injecting Drug Use in Nairobi, Workshop at USIU-A, October 19-24, 2000.
  • Career Improvement Workshop in Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Mathematics, University of Nairobi, Chiromo Campus, February 28-March 3, 2000.
  • Recent Development in Statistical Inference, a Symposium in honour of V.P. Godambe, University of Waterloo, CANADA, August 14-16, 1991.
  • Curriculum Review, Department of Mathematics, Kakamega Golf Hotel, December, 1996.
  • Kenyatta University Examinations Coordinators Seminar, Hotel Kunste, Nakuru, Kenya, June 2-3, 1995.
  • Seminar in the Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba, CANADA, presented a paper “On Estimation of a Functional of a Probability Density Function ”, February 25, 1993.
  • First Symposium in Mathematics and Mathematics Education for Eastern and Central Africa, Duduville, Nairobi, Kenya, May, 1981

Seminars And Workshops Attended

  • First Kenyatta University Workshop on Mathematical Modelling, 2013, Kenyatta University Conference Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, 17th -21st June, 2013.
  • Regional Congress of Actuaries in Africa, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nairobi-Kenya, November 2-4, 2011
  • First Kenyatta University International Mathematics Conference, 2011, Kenyatta University Conference Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, June 8-10,
  • The Stakeholders Workshop on External Peer Review of Higher Education Institutions and Programmes, held at Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi, Kenya, 24th -25th ,March, 2011.
  • Commission for University Education External Peer Reviewers training Workshop, held at Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi, Kenya, 11th -12th ,November, 2014.

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