Prof. Paul Owuor Okemo

Prof Okemo April2014

Position: Professor and Dean of Graduate Studies
Department: Microbiology
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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Research Interests :
Bacterial pathogens, resistance patterns and the search for novel antimicrobial drugs



  • Emerging and Re-emerging infectious Agents on the African Continent,Casablanca, Morocco, March, 23rd to 25th , 2015
  • Laboratory Agents use and control, to effectively monitor Biosafety and Biosecurity in Africa, September, 2014, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Utilization of Biosafety primary and secondary barriers, for prevention of occupational hazards, Johannesburg South Africa, March, 2013
  • Biorisk management Seminar in Accra, Ghana, October, 2012
  • Seminar for Franco-phone speaking countries of Western African Continent,sponsored by the US Department for Biosafety Engagement programme on Biosafety/Biosecurity at the Azalai Hotel, Bamako, Mali. Oct. 15th-23rd, 2010
  • Ist annual International Biological Safety Conference on handling of infectious material in Biological Labs March 8th-, 2010 at the KEMRI Training Centre,Nairobi, Kenya
  • International Seminar on Biosafety and Biosecurity CDC/KEMRI sponsored at the KEMRI headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya. March 16-18, 2009.
  • National seminar in applied microbiology-April 1999-Methodist conference hall in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Regional seminar (for the African Region ) in microbiology- April 2001.
  • Proposal writing seminar for Kenyatta University Faculty of science-Sept 1999.
  • International seminar in microbiology- April 2004 at The Kenya school of Monetary studies, Nairobi, Kenya.


  • World Bank training workshop for herbalists in Kenya at Nakuru Kenya for the Kericho and Bomet Herbalists, July 6-July 15, 2012
  • African Workshop for establishment of Laboratory maintenance Center for Africa at Enugu, Nigeria, June 14-18, 2012
  • IFBA and AfBSA Conference held at the Sundon Hotel Johansburg, South Africa, on Biosafety and Biosecurity April 17- 22, 2012
  • World Bank Consultant ( Medicinal and aromatic Plants) – Training Rural Herbalists at Bishop Stam Hotel Kakamega, 19th March – 25th March 2011
  • Conference on Laboratory Medicine organized by The African Society for Laboratory Medicine(ASLA)- Hilton Hotel Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 14th March– 16th March 2011
  • World Bank Consultant ( Medicinal and aromatic plants)- Workshop at Polyview Hotel in Kisumu, 5th to 10th March 2011
  • Workshop ( World Bank Consultant ) Training herbalists on Conservation and field Management of Medicinal plants, Pighy Hotel, Maua Meru 21st-25th Feb 2011.
  • International Conference on Global Biosafety and Bio-security,”Taking action” Power Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, Feb 15th-17th 2011
  • Workshop ( World Bank Consultant). Training herbalists on Conservation and field Management of medicinal plants, EAST college Embu, 5th-11th Jan 2011
  • UN Workshop on “The beyond Bounderies Initiative: Development and Capacity Building in Kenya with International Security Assistance- The UN 1540, 1373 Initiative”- Serena Hotel Nairobi, Kenya. 6th Dec. 2010
  • Biosafety/Biosecurity workshop for dealing with zoonotic pathogens at the Azalai Hotel, Bamako, Mali. 15th Oct.-23rd Oct 2010
  • Workshop (World Bank Consultant) to train herbalists in methods for conservation and sustainable management of medicinal plants, Machakos Garden Hotel 21st-23rd July 2010.
  • The Asia- Pacific Biosafety Association meeting held in Seoul, South Korea from 24th May to 1st June 2010
  • Consultative workshop organized by the American Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) in Arlington Chicago and Washington DC from 5th to 15th May 2010
  • The 13th Annual Conference of the European Biosafety Association (EBSA) in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 18th-26th April 2010
  • African Regional UNSCR 1540 workshop on Biosafety and Biosecurity at UN offices in Gigiri, Nairobi- Kenya, 2nd to 4th Feb 2010 .
  • Lake Victoria Research Initiative ( VicRes ), annual forum at Kenya school of monetary studies from, May 27-30, 2009 Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Biosafety and Biosecurity Awareness workshop, organized by CDC/KEMRI at the KEMRI headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, March 16-18, 2009.

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