Charles Onindo  

Department of Chemistry
P. O. Box 43844-00100,
Kenyatta University

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Research Interests:

  • The search for cheap, economically and environmentally friendly water filters (biosorbents) for metal ions removal in aqueous systems.
  • The study of complexes formed by metal ions in dilute aqueous solutions containing biologically or environmentally important ligands. In biological and natural water systems which contain both biomolecules and metal ions a study of the thermodynamics of their interactions is clearly an essential step in understanding their role, made complicated by the complexity of the system.
  • Biomass as a source of renewable energy.
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    (DOI: 10.1002/clen.201100171)
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  13. Nyangasi L, Andala D, Onindo C et al. Processing parameters for electrospinning poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)/titanium isopropoxide composite in a pump-free setup [version 1; referees: awaiting peer review]. AAS Open Res 2018, 1:27

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• 2019: Collaboration for Entrepreneurial Universities (CEPU) “The study tour on start-up development” 23 - 29 June 2019, Leipzig, Germany.
• 2019: Collaboration for Entrepreneurial Universities (CEPU) Workshop “Leadership and Strategy Development” 1 October 2019, Kenyatta University, Kenya.
• 2019: Collaboration for Entrepreneurial Universities (CEPU) Workshop “Leadership and Strategy Development” 12-14 February 2019, Kenyatta University, Kenya.
• 2018: Pan Africa Chemistry Network Congress “Managing resources through chemistry: Wealth not waste” 6-8 November 2018, University of Nairobi, Kenya
• 2016: The Kenya Chemical Society, Nairobi Chapter Symposium “Chemistry for Sustainable Development” 23rd April, USIU-A, LT4-Science Centre.
• 2015: The Kenya Chemical Society, 8th International Conference, 5th -8th May, 2015, University of Nairobi, College of Biological and Physical Science,

•    2014:    The Kenya Chemical Society, Nairobi Chapter, Kenyatta University
•    2013:    IUCEA (VicRes) Natural resource management and ethnobotany and     health     cluster workshop 7th – 12th April 2013, Mukono, Uganda
•    2013:    The Kenya Chemical Society Workshop, TUK, Nairobi, Kenya.
•    2012:    Adaptation of gasification technology for modern energy production in the     Lake     Victoria basin Stakeholder’s workshop, Utalii Hotel, Nairobi, 15th -    17th March, 2012
•    2012:  A one day Workshop organized by the Office of the Dean of
        Students held at KUCC on 22nd August, 2012.
•    2012:    The Inaugural Conference on Nanotechnology and Material Science in     Kenya, Kenyatta University Conference Centre, 18th -20th July 2012
•    2012:  Kenya Chemical Society – Nairobi Chapter Workshop held at Jomo     Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology held on 25th August,     2012
•    2012:    The Scientific Novartis Seedings Labs Seminar by Dr. Heather
        Burks and Dr. Lewis Whitehead held at the BSSc, Kenyatta University on  7th February,2012.
•    2011: The Kenya Chemical Society Workshop to be held on 27th August at  Chiromo Campus, University of Nairobi.
•    2011:    Training workshop-PHEA-ETI Project 4, Digitization, animation and  Simulation of     Chemistry and Communication Skill modules, BSSC, 9th –     13th May 2011
•    2011    IUCEA, 1stVicRes Biennial Forum, Kampala, Uganda, 9th to 12th October,     2011April
•    2010: Kenya Chemical Society Conference held at Kenyatta University on 24thApril     2010.

•    2010:    Scientific Workshop on Africa’s Water Quality: A ChemicalPerspective     organized by the Pan Africa Chemistry Network at     ChiromoCampus,University of Nairobi, on     26th March, 2010
•    2009    Pan Africa Chemistry Network, Sustainable Water Conference, Nairobi     25th –     28th August
•    2009    Pan Africa Chemistry Network workshop. Green chemistry and     sustainability.
•    2008    The Kenya Chemical Society Workshop, 30 August. Kenyatta University.
•    2008    20th ICCE Satellite Workshop ‘The Relevance of Chemistry in a Global     Society’ 11-12 August. University of Nairobi
•    2008    Vicres proposal writing workshop, Jinja, Uganda 16 – 22nd March 2008.
•    2006    The Kenya Chemical     Society, 5th International Conference ,Kenyatta     University, 22th  – 26th August
•    2005    UN Convention on Persons with Disabilities – 24th January to 4th February 2005,     United Nations Plaza, New York
•    2005    Logical Framework Analysis (LFA), Cape Town, South Africa, 4th to 8th     April     2005.
•    1992    ‘Data Analysis in Electroanalytical Chemistry” 24 – 25 March The Royal     Society of Chemistry The University of Newcastle, United Kingdom.