Prof. Wilson Njue

Title/Qualifications: Ph.D
Contact Address:
P.O. Box 43844 Nairobi, Kenya
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8710901 Ext. 57460
Cell phone:
+254 722 234 277
Associate professor
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Research and Publications

  1. Articles in Refereed International Journals/with students/joint
    • Peter K. Karoki1, Wilson M. Njue1*, Sauda Swaleh1, Ezekiel K. Njoroge & Cecilia W. Kathurima2 (2018).Determination of Levels of Ochratoxin A in Selected Cereal Grains Flour, Baked Wheat Bread and Finger Millet Brew Retailed in Market Outlets in Nairobi County, Kenya. International Journal of Food Nutrition and Safety, 9(1): 49-58; ISSN:2165-896X

    •  Peter K. Karoki1, Wilson M. Njue1*, Sauda Swaleh1, Ezekiel K. Njoroge & Cecilia W. Kathurima2. (2018).Determination of Ochratoxin A in selected Cereal Grains Retailed in Nairobi County, Kenya. Journal of Food Research; Vol. 7, No. 5 79-85; ISSN 1927-0887 E-ISSN 1927-0895

    • Henry M Mwangi1 *, Wilson M Njue1 , Martin O Onani2 , Ntevheleni Thovhoghi3 and Wilfred T Mabusela2,4. (2017). Phlorotannins and a sterol isolated from a brown alga Ecklonia maxima, and their cytotoxic activity against selected cancer cell lines HeLa, H157 and MCF7. Interdiscip J Chem. Vol. 2(2) 1-6, ISSN: 2398-7537
    • Wilson M. Njue. Ruth Wanjau. Njenga I. Kariuki. (2016).Analysis of Trace Elements by EDXRF in Selected Medicinal Plants used in Kenya. International Journal of Science & Techknowledge.Vol. 4(1) 1-4 , (ISSN 2321- 919X)
    • Muchemi G.N, Wanjau R.N., Murungi I.J, Njue W.M*. (2015). Assessment of essential trace elements in selected food grains, herbal spices and seeds commonly used in Kenya. African Journal of Food Science. Vol. 9(8). pp 441-447, ISSN. 1996-0794.
    • .Ngugi M P, Njagi M J, Kibiti M C, Ngeranwa J N. Njagi N M , Njue M.W,Gathumbi K.P.(2015).Hypoglycemic effects of Helichrysum odorassitinum in alloxan induced diabetic mice. The journal phytopharmacology. 4(1) : 30 - 33
    • Faith W. Mburu, Sauda Swaleh, Wilson Njue(2012). Potential toxic levels of cyanide in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) grown in Kenya. African Journal of Food Science Vol. 6(16), 416-420, ISSN 1996-0792 @ Academic Journals
    • Ngugi M P, Njagi M J, Kibiti M C, Ngeranwa J N. Njagi N M , Njue M W, Gathumbi K.P. ( 2012). Herbal Management of Diabetes mellitus: an expanding research avenue. International journal of current pharmaceutical research. Vol. 5 No.2 , 1- 4, ISSN- 0975 – 7066.
    • Njue W M. Mburu F. Swaleh S. (2011). Cassava Food Poisoning in Eastern Province, Kenya. Cassava Cyanide Diseases Neurolathyrism Network (CCDN). No. 18 1- 2.
    • Ngugi M. P. .Murugi N.J, Kibiti M.C, Ngeranwa J.J, Njue M.W, Njagi N.E, , Gathumbi K.P.(2011). Hypoglycemic Activity of some Kenyan plants traditionally used to manage Diabetes Mellitus in Eastern Province, Kenya. J. Diabetes Metab. 2 :8 : 156. ISSN: 2155 - 6156
    • Farridah H. Were, Njue Wilson, Jane Murungi, Ruth Wanjau. (2008). Use of human nails as bio- indicators of heavy metals environmental exposure among school age children in Kenya. Sci Total Environ. 393 (2 -3) 576 -584, ISSN 0048 -1697.
  2. Local Journals/Kenyan
    • Nyachoti S. K. Njue W. M. Murungi J. I. Wanjau R .N. (2011). Use of Urine as Biological Indicator of cyanide exposure among smokers in Kenya. Journal of Kenya Chemical Society, ISSN 1811- 5934. Vol. 6 No 1.
    • Muchemi G. Njue W.M Wanjau R Murungi I J. (2007) immune boosting trace elements in selected food grains grown in Kenya. Journal of Kenya chem. society. Vol.4 No.2. 27 – 32, JKCS- ISSN 1811 – 5934.
    • Njue, W.M., Kinyua A.M., Thing’uri,M.T. (2004). Energy potential of waste oils fcal automobiles and fish processing industries. Journal of Kenya Chemical Society. No.1 Vol.1 25- 28, ISSN 1811 - 5934
    • Bor S.K., Simbauni J, Kinyua A.M., Njue W.M., Chhabra S.C.(2004) Heavy Metal Contaminants in tissues of Marine fauna along the Coast of Mombasa Island -Kenya. East African Journal of Physical Sciences 5(2) 61 – 68, ISSN 1729 - 5106

1.Participation in Workshop/Conferences

  • Kenya chemical society internal conference. Essential trace metal analysis in medicinal plants commonly used in Kenya. University of Nairobi. 14th-18th April 2015
  • The 3rd Kenya Chemical Society International Conference. Heavy metals and Pesticides determination in Marine plants, sediments and sea water along Mombasa Coastline.Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. 16th - 20th August 1999.
  • Theoretical Chemistry in Africa Workshop - Mini Labs in the teaching of chemistry. (Paper presented) University of Nairobi, Kenya. 2nd - 6th November, 1998.
  • EPO -ARIPO Workshop on Intellectual Property. University of Nairobi, Kenya.16th - 18th November, 1998.

2. Presentation of papers at Academic and Professional Conferences

  • 2nd Scientific conference. KMTC, Nairobi. 9th – 11th May 2012. Cassava Toxicity and other associated diseases.
  • Kenya Chemical Society Conference. Finger nails as bio-indicator of heavy metals body over load. Mombasa, September 2009.
  • Kenya Chemical Society 5th International Conference. Kenyatta University,August, 2006:
  • (a) Immune Boosting Trace Metals in food grains consumed in Kenya.
  • (b) Molluscicidal steroid alkaloids from solanum aculeastrum and solanum orundo
  • 1st African Congress on Biology and Health. A survey of Medicinal plants traditionally used in cure of highland Malaria. University of Setif, Algeria, April 23 - 25, 2000.
  • Kenya Chemical Society conference.Use of thiolmalonates in Organic synthesis. Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya. June, 1997.
  • Inaugural conference, Kenya Chemical society.
  • Synthetic studies of Clovane-diol, University of Nairobi, Kenya June 1994.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry conference. Research and Teaching of Chemistry in Developing Countries. Imperial College, London, England, 1992.

3. Convening and co-ordinating Conferences
Coordination Team Member for Kenya Chemical Society International Conference held at Kenyatta University, August, 2006.


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