Dr. Magero Fidelius Bunyasi

Name: Dr.Magero, Fidelius Bunyasi
Contact Address:
Box 410 Kitui
Contact Address:
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Tutorial fellow

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Area of Specialization: Pure Mathematics (Algebra)
Research Interests: 
Group theory and its applications in computer programmes

Funded Projects

  • Transitive Permutation Representations of PSL(2,q)

Conference Presentations

  • Magero Fidelius:Subdegrees of PSL(2,q) acting on the cosets of Cq-1/k and Suborbits and suborbital graphs of PSL(2,q) acting on the cosets of Cq-1/k,Nairobi Kenya.The Second Kenyatta University International Mathematics Conference- 16th – 19th June , 2015  .
  • Magero Fidelius:Attended in Nairobi,Kenya    
  • Magero Fidelius:Attended in Nairobi,Kenya    


  • Magero Fidelius:2012,Transitive permutation representations of PSL(2,q)NACOSTI    8,000

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