Research Publications

Dr. Jacinter A. Amadi


Title/Qualifications: Dr.
Position: Lecturer
Plant & Microbial Sciences
Contact Address:
7242-00200, Nairobi
Area of Specialization:
Ecology, Conservation Biology, and Climate Change and Adaptation 
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  • 2008: VicRes Project Leaders meeting, Kampala, Uganda
  • 2007: Relevance of Intellectual Property Rights to Institutions of Higher Learning.
  • 2007: Kenyatta University Capacity Building for Mentors.
  • 2007: Mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS in the University curriculum.
  • 16th –22nd March 2008. VicRes proposal writing workshop in Jinja, Uganda.
  • 2005: International postgraduate Biological Science conference KU
  • 2004: International postgraduate zoological conference, KU.
  • 2002: Prota Workshop. World Agroforestry Center ICRAF, Nairobi
  • 1994: Biotechnology Platform, the way forward since Beijing, Nairobi University.
  • 1993: Mapping strategies for the Kenya Association of Women Scientists and Engineers at ICIPE.
  • 1991: Advances in Labiatae Science, Kew, England,
  • 1984: Planning Fuelwood Projects, Lilongwe, Malawi. Presented a paper on Useful Trees of the Kenyan Coast.


  • Amadi, J.A., Olago, D.O., Ong’amo, G.O., Oriaso, S.O., Nyamongo, I.K., Estambale, B.B. A. 2018 “We don’t want our clothes to smell smoke”: Changing malaria control practices and opportunities for integrated community-based management in Baringo, Kenya BMC Public Health, 18: 609 /10.1186/s12889-018-5513-7
  • Amadi, J.A., Olago, D.O., Ong’amo, G.O., Oriaso, S.O., Nyamongo, I.K., Estambale, B.B. A., 2018, Sensitivity of vegetation to climate variability and its implications for malaria risk in Baringo, Kenya PLOS ONE, 13(7):e0199357
  • Amadi, J.A., Ong’amo, G.O., Olago, D.O., Oriaso, S.O., Nyamongo, I.K., Estambale, B.B. A., 2018, Mapping the potential Anopheles gambiae s.l. larval distribution using remotely sensed climatic and environmental variables in Baringo, Kenya. Medical and Veterinary Entomology, 32, 417–426 doi:10.1111/mve.1 2312
  • Mwangi, B., Ombogo, M., Amadi, J., Baker, N. and Mugalu, D., 2012, Fish species composition and diversity of small riverine ecosystems in the Lake Victoria basin, Kenya, International journal of science and technology,2,92224-35773




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Dr. Fredrick Maloba Chimoyi


Title/Qualifications: Ph.D
Department/Unit/Section: Zoology
Contact Address: P. O. Box 43844 -00100, Nairobi.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cell phone:0723 086812
Position: Lecturer
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  • Mwangi K. Danson, Akinyi Mercy, Maloba Fredrick, Ngotho Maina, Kagira John, Ndeereh David, and Kivai Stanislaus (2016). 'Socioeconomic and Health Implications of Human—Wildlife Interactions in Nthongoni, Eastern Kenya.
    African Journal of Wildlife Research; 46, (2): 87-102

  • Oduor Joseph M. Ochieng, Nyamongo Onkoba, Maloba Fredrick, F., Arodi Washingtone Ouma & Nyachieo Atunga (2016). Efficacy of environmentally obtained lytic Staphylococcus aureus bacteriophage against multi-drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus in mice Journal of Infection in Developing Countries. 10(11):1208-1213.

  •  J.M.O. Oduor, W. Nyamongo Onkoba, F. Maloba, W. Ouma Arodi, N. Atunga, F.I. Onditi (2016). Safety and therapeutic efficacy of staphylococcus aureus specific lytic phage against multidrug-resistant S.aureus (MDRSA) in BALB/c mice: A prospective study. International Journal of infectious diseases. 45, (1): 108

  • Faith I. Onditi, Onkoba W Nyamongo, Charles O Omwandho, Naomi W Maina, Fredrick Maloba, Idle O Farah, Christopher L King, Julie M Moore and Hastings S Ozwara* (2015). Parasite accumulation in placenta of non-immune baboons during Plasmodium knowlesi infection.Malaria Journal 14:118
  • Joshua M. Mutiso, John C. Macharia1, Maria N. Kiio1, Peter M. Mucheru, Wycliffe N. Onkoba1,Fredrick C. Maloba, Michael M. Gicheru. Leishmania parasite specific CD4+ synergizes and correlates positively with CD8+ T cells in the production of gamma interferon following immunization of the vervet monkey (Chlorocebus aethiops) model. 14(1):7-19, 2013
  • Maloba Fredrick C., Maina Ngotho and Kalaria Rajesh: Glial Cells response during human african trypanosomiasis infection. Scientia Parasitologica 13(4):145-152, 2012
  • Maloba F, Kagira J M, Gitau G, Ombui J, Hau J, Ngotho M. Astrocytosis as a biomarker for late stage human African trypanosomiasis in the vervet monkey model. Scientia Parasitologica 12(2):53-59, 2011
  • Fredrick Maloba, David Ndeere, Maina Ngotho, John Kagira, Danson Mwangi Kareri, Stanslaus Kivai and Mercy Akinyi. The role of leucocytes in baboons naturally infected with Hepartocyctis. 9th Federation of African Immunological societies (FAIS) conference 1-4th Dec 2014. Pg 58
  • Ngotho M., Kagira J.M., Gaithuma A.K., Kariuki C.K., Akinyi M.Y., Maloba F., Mwaliko V.M., Karanje S.M. and Maina N.M. “A robust and improved model of human African trypanosomiasis. XII international conference on parasitology ICOPA Melbourne, Australia, 15-20 Aug 2010. pg 39-46
  • Maloba F.C. Kinayanjui C.K. Mulei I. and Ngotho M. Assessment of gastrointestinal (GIT) parasites of wild trapped baboons during quarantine. Precedings of Institute of Primate Research’s 17th Scientific conference pg 65. 2007
  • Maloba F. Waititu K. Ngotho J.M. KanuiT.I. WambuguS.N. Towett P.K. Kiama S.G. “Faecal parasites found in the hinge back tortoise (Kinixiys spekii). Proceedings of the University of Nairobi’s sixth biennial scientific conference and exhibition. pg 24, 2008
  • Maloba F. Ngotho M. Gitau G and Ombui J. “Cerebrospinal fluid response as a means of Predicting late stage human African trypanosomiasis in the monkey model” Proceedings of Institute of Primate Research’s 18th International Biomedical Research Conference. Pg 85 2010
  • Jeneby M, Kisrikoi G, Maloba F. and Ngotho M. “Prevalence and treatment of hemoprotozoa infecting baboons” Proceedings of Institute of Primate Research’s 18th International Biomedical Research Conference. Pg 56 2010.


19th-24th Sept 2016 Workshop on Kenyan biology of pathogens, pathogenesis and parasitism (KENBOP 3) held in Kilifi, Kenya.
22-26th August 2016 Conference Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa, conference at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya.

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Dr. Joyce Wamuyu Mwaniki


Position: Dr.
Department: Plant & Microbial Sciences
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 , 00100 Kenyatta University , Nairobi

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1984: The effect of some inhibitors on the oxidative properties of mitochondria
from a Halophyte compared with Glycophytes (M.Sc. Thesis).
1992: Salt-tolerance of some grasses from the shores of Lake Magandi, Kenya
(Ph.D. Thesis).
1998: Primary School Science in Kenya: An investigation of classroom teaching
COM-Tech IDRC Research Team (Kenyatta University).
2000: Studies on the eco-physiology and nitrogen fixation of drought-adapted
tepary bean (Phaseolus acutifolus A. Gray Var. Latifoliuous) with various
rhizobia strains in a semi-arid environment of S.E. Kenya (with Shisanya
C.A. Gitonga N.M. and Ong’are D.W.) in the proceedings of the ninth
congress of the African Association for Biological Nitrogen Fixation”
Held on 25-29 Sept 2000 ICRAF Nairobi.
2003: Mumah, S. Mwaniki J, Desai S.N., Tumuti S, Orango S.S.; Muoma,
J.V.O. and Waswa J.K. Social Role and the environment as factors that
make women more Vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection. Paper presented at
the international conference on the “impact of global issues on Women
and children Thailand, Feb 16th – 21st 2003.
2003: Mumah, S. Mwaniki, J., Mutua, S. and Muoma J.V. Influencing factors of
HIV/AIDS spread among the physically challenged adolescents in Kenya;
social role? The environment presented at the International conference on
the “impact of global issues on Women and children Thailand, Feb 16th –
21st 2003.
2003: Mumah, S. Mwaniki J.N., Gahagan J. Lelach, N. Muoma J, Kenyanto, T.
and Odwasi, G.O. Application of biotechnology in fostering health and
well-being: directions for Health and medical Research in developing
countries. Paper presented at the conference of the Kenya Chapter of the
association of third world studies (ATWS) on disparities in developing
countries: Types challenges and the way forward. Kenyatta University;
September 17th – 19th 2003.

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Dr. Musila Nicholas


Dr. (Msc)
Tutorial Fellow
Area of Specialization:
Electronics and Materials Science
Research Interests:
Materials Characterization, Thin films and nanotechology.
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Presentations/Attendance at professional meetings:

  • PhD poster presentation, 11th Hope Meeting with Nobel Laureates Okinawa, JAPAN, 4-8th March 2019.
  • The 1st Young Scientist Material Science and Solar Energy Network for Eastern and Southern Africa (MSSSEESA) Conference on Material Science and Solar Cell Technology, Nairobi, Kenya, November 28 – 29, 2013.
  • ANSOLE Mini-Symposium in Kenya (AMSK-2013), University of Nairobi, Kenya May9, 2013.


  1. Musila N., Munji M., Simiyu J., Masika E. and Nyenge R., (2018). Optical Properties and Analysis of OJL Model’s Electronic inter-band Transition Parameters of TiO2 Films, Traektoriâ Nauki = Path of Science, 4(7):3001-3012.
  2. Musila N., Munji M., Simiyu J., Masika E. and Nyenge R., (2018). Effect of TiO2 Compact Layer on DSSC Performance, Traektoriâ Nauki = Path of Science, 4(9):5001-5008.
  3. Musila N., Munji M., Simiyu J., Masika E., Nyenge R. and Kineene M., (2018). Characteristics of TiO2 Compact Layer prepared for DSSC application, Traektoriâ Nauki = Path of Science, 4(10):3006-3012.


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Dr. Jonah Kiprono Birgen


Position: Dr.
Department: Plant Sciences
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 , 00100 Kenyatta University , Nairobi

Specialization: Plant Pathology, Mycology
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Current Responsibilities:
1. School ODEL Coordinator
2. Departmental ODEL/IBP Coordinator
3. Departmental Coordinator, Plant Pathology Section
4. School grants committee member
5. Departmental postgraduate committee member

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