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2010 Allanblackia, a new tree crop in Africa for the global food industry: Market development, smallholder cultivation and biodiversity management. Forests, Trees and Livelihoods, 19: 251–268. Jamnadass R., Dawson I.K., Anegbeh P., Asaah E., Atangana A., Cordeiro N.J., Hendrickx H., Henneh S., Kadu C.A.C., Kattah C., Misbah M., Muchugi A., Munjuga M., Mwaura L., Ndangalasi H.J., Njau C.S., Nyame S.K., Ofori D., Peprah T., Russell J., Rutatina F., Sawe C.T., Schmidt L., Tchoundjeu Z., Simons A.J.
2010 Oxacillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus among HIV infected and non-infected Kenyan patients East African medical Journal, 87: 179-186. T.T Ouko, J.N. Ngeranwa, G.O. Orinda, C.C. Bii, E. Amukoye, M. lucy & C.N. wamae
2010 Signal transduction one of the current
molecular approaches in the management of drought stress in the sub-Saharan region.
Biotechnology 9(4): 469-476. Muoma, J., Ombori, O. and Jesse, M.
2010 Identification and Charaterisation of Lactobacilli isolated from kimere, a spontaneously fermented pearl millet dough from Mbeere, Kenya (East Africa)

Beneficial Microbes, XXX, 2010


P.N. Njeru, N. Rosch, D. Ghadimi, A. Geis, W. Bockelmann, M. de Vrese, J. Schrezenmeir and K.J. Heller
2010 Molecular genotyping of selected soybean (Glycine max L.) genotypes grown in different regions of East Africa African Journal of Plant Science Vol. 4(5), pp. 128-134, May 2010 Fredrick M. Njoka1*, Zedekiah A. Okwany1 and Elijah K. Githui2
2010 Biological Nitrogen Fixation by Promiscuous Soybean (Glycine max L. Merril) in the Central Highlands of Kenya: Response to Inorganic Fertilizer Soil Amendments World Journal of Agricultural
Sciences 6(4): 381-387 ISSN 1817-3047.
Mugendi, E. Gitonga, N. Cheruiyot, R. Maingi, J
2010 Rift Valley Fever virus epidemic in Kenya, 2006/2007: the entomologic investigations. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 83: 28-37 Sang, Rosemary; Kioko, Elizabeth; Lutomiah, Joel; Warigia, Marion; Ochieng, Caroline; O'Guinn, Monica; Lee, John; Koka, Hellen; Godsey, Marvin; Hoel, David; Hanafi, Hanafi; Miller, Barry; Schnabel, David; Breiman, Robert; Richardson, Jason
2010 Differential transcription of two highly divergent gut-expressed Bm86 antigen gene homologues in the tick Rhipicephalus appendiculatus (Acari: Ixodida). Insect Molecular Biology 2011 20 (1) 105-114 L. Kamau, R.A. Skilton, D.O Odongo, S. Mwaura, N. Githaka, E. Kanduma, M. Obura, E. Kabiru, A. Orago, A. Musoke and R.P Bishop
2010 Sanseviera family relationships. Journal of the International Sansevieria Society 22: 19. Newton, L.E.
2010 Glomerular Filtration rate assessment Using Creatinine Related Parameters for Healthy Adult Kenyan Population. Asian Journal of Medical Science., 2(3): 141-145.

Waithaka s.k., Njagi E.N. Ngeranwa J.N., Chiuri B.M., Njagi L.J., Gatua W.K. and Mwangi D.M

2010 Nutritional quality and physicochemical properties of Mucuna bean (Mucuna pruriens L.) protein isolates. International Food Research Journal, 17: 357-366. JBW Mugendi, ENM Njagi, EN Kuria, MA Mwasaru, JG Mureithi & Z Apostolides
2010 Resistance to antibiotics in urinopathogenic bacteria isolated in patients attending Kenyatta University Health Clinic. East African Medical Journal,

JM Kimando, PO Okemo & Enm Njagi

2010 Local device parameter extraction of a concentrator photovoltaic cell under solar spot illumination
Asymptotic Linear Estimation of he Quantile Function of the Double Exponential Distribution Based on Selected Order Statistics.
African Crop Science
Journal, 18(4): 243 – 251.
Gitonga, N.M.; Ombori, O.; Murithi, K.S.D. & Ngugi, M.
2010 Extent of drug resistance mutations among HIV-1 positive drug-naive patients in Kenya   M.K. Munji, W. Okullo, E.E. van Dyk, and F.J. Vorster
2010 Notes on Sansevieria ballyi, with description of a new cultivar. East African Journal of Statistics, Vol.3 No.3 Okango A. A. and Odongo. L.O.
2010 Effects of processing methods on the protein quality of Mucuna bean (Mucuna pruriens L.). African Journal of Food Agriculture Nutrition and Development, 10(4): 2394-2412.

Mugendi JB, Njagi ENM, Kuria EN, Mwasaru M, Mureithi J & Z Apostolides

2010 Effects of processing technique on the nutritional composition and anti-nutrient content of Mucuna
bean (Mucuna pruriens L.).
African Journal of Food Science, 4(4):156 – 166.

JBW Mugendi, ENM Njagi, EN Kuria, MA Mwasaru, JG Mureithi & Z Apostolides

2010 Acceptability and production of soybean and its impact on the farming communities of the Lake Victoria Basin. VicRes end of project
summary Journal
F.M. Njoka, Y.C. Muzanila, R.C. Cheruiyot , D. M. Kakuru , I. R. Kamya
2010 Formation mechanism of noble metal nanoparticles in reactively sputtered TiO2. Amazon Books Anthony Nyamache
2010 Antiprotozoal Activity and Cytotoxicity of metabolites from keaves of Teclea trichocarpa. Journal of Mecinal Plants Research 4 (9): 726-731. Mwangi, E.S.K., Keriko, J.M., Machocho, A.K., Wanyonyi, A.W., Malebo, H.M., Chhabra, S.C. and Tarus, P.K.
2010 Addition of carbenes derived from aryldiazoacetates to arenes using chloro(tetraphenylporphyrinato)iron as catalyst. Journal of the International Sansevieria Society 22: 10–12. Newton, L.E.
2010 PAN-based Carbonized Fibers and Metal-carbonized Fiber Nanocomposites for Thermal Transport. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 10, 1. Ochanda, F.; Atkinson, A.; Fey, E. O.; Andala, D.; Jones, W. E. Jr.

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