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Date Issued
2010 In vitro inhibitory activity of human vaginal lactobacilli against pathogenic bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis in Kenyan women. Anaerobe, 16(3): 210-215.

Martin N Matu, George O Orinda,Eliud NMNjagi, Craig R Cohen & Elizabeth A

2010 Phylogeography of the Afromontane Prunus africana reveals a former migration corridor between East and West African highlands. Molecular Ecology Molecular Ecology.doi: 10.1111/j.1365-294X.2010.04931.x Kadu CAC, Schueler S, Konrad SH, Muluvi GM, Eyog-Matig O, Muchugi A, Williams VL, Ramamonjisoa L, Kapinga C, Foahom B, Katsvanga C, Hafashimana D, Obama C and Geburek T.
2010 Dielectric spectrscopy of PMMA-CELLULOSE blends International Journal of Polymeric Materials Merenga A. S., G. Katana
2010 Dynamic Mechanical Behavior Cellulose Modified Bitumen. International Journal of Polymeric Materials. Merenga A.; Katana G.
2010 An apothecary's jar for Aloe products. CactusWorld 28: 17–18. Newton, L.E.
2010 Novel cross-stage solitarising effect of gregarious-phase adult desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria (Forska°l)) pheromone on hoppers J. Insect Physiology, 56:640-645. Magzoub O. Bashir and
Ahmed Hassanali.
2010 Efficacy of onion (Allium cepa L.) and garlic (Allium sativum L.) juice against common pathogens associated with meat. Journal of Applied Physics 108, 063529. J. Okumu, D. Kohl, A. Sprafke, G. von Plessen, and M. Wuttig.
2010 Nonparametric Estimation in Two Stage Cluster Sampling. Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences (FJMS), Vol. 43 No.1, 165-182 Orwa, G.O., Otieno. R.O. and Odongo, L.O.
2010 Segemental Orientation and Mobility in Ferroelectric Diblock Copolymers with varying Methylene Linkages.   Merenga A.; Shilov S. V.; Kremer F, Brehmer, M
2009 On the spectrum of C1 as an operator on bv0 J. Austral. Math. Soc. (Series A) 48, 79-86 JI Okutoyi

Reference ranges for some biochemical parameters in adult Kenyans

International Journal of Heath Research, 2(3): 259-266.

SK Waithaka, ENM Njagi, JN Ngeranwa & CS Kigondo
2009 HIV genetic diversity among
drug naïve populations of Nairobi Kenya
Journal of Retrovirology Nyamache K.A, Waihenya R,
Khamadi S.A
2009 Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of PMMA-CELLULOSE blends Accepted in Journal of Polmeric materials International Journal of Polymeric Materials Merenga A. S. G. Katana
2009 Public perceptions towards genetically
modified crops and foods in Kenya.
Journal of Applied Biosciences. ISSN 1997-5902. Anunda H., Njoka F.M., Shauri H.
2009 Uncovering the tracks of a recent and rapid invasion: the case of the fruit fly pest Bactrocera invadens (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Africa, Molecular Ecology 18, 4798 – 4810. F. M. Khamis, N. Karam, S. Ekesi, M. De Meyer, A. Bonomi, L. M. Gomulski, F. Scolari, P. Gabrieli, P. Siciliano, D. Masiga, E. U. Kenya, G. Gasperi, A. R. Malacrida and C. R. Guglielmino
2009 Isolation of high quality DNA and RNA from cambium of the East African Greenheart (Warburgia ugandensis) Academic Journals, 2009-07 Muge, E.; Burg, K.; Kadu, C.; Muchugi, A.; Lemurt, S.; Jamnadass, R
2009 Intrinsic competition between two oligophagous parasitoid species, Sturniopsis parsitica and Cotesia sesamiae, attacking the same life stages of lepidopteran cereal stemborers. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata. 130: pp.10- 20 Mucheru O.M, Jiang, Kongoro J., Bruce A. Y, and Schulthess F.
2009 Addition of carbenes derived from aryldiazoacetates to arenes using chloro(tetraphenylporphyrinato)iron as catalyst. Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (JPP), Vol. 13, No. 1 pp. 136-152 Harun M. Mbuvi And L. Keith Woo
2009 The influence of meteorological
parameters on indoor radon in selected traditional Kenyan dwellings.
Journal of Radiological
Protection 29: 95-103
M.W.Chege, I.V.S.
Rathore, S.C. Chhabra and .O.Mustapha
2009 isolation and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Escherichia coli causing urinary tract infections Journal Applied Bioscience Kebira A N, P.Ochola R, S.A
2009 Electrical Switching in Thin Films of Nandi Flame Seeds Cuticles International Journal of Polymer Science Wycliffe K. Kipnusu, Gabriel Katana, Charles M. Migwi, I.V.S. Rathore and Joshua R. Sangoro
2009 Efficacy of onion (Allium cepa L.) and garlic (Allium sativum L.) juice against common pathogens associated with meat. Journal of Tropical Microbiology and
Njue, L.G., Okemo, P.O., Monda, E.O.

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