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2009 Antibacterial Activity of Tabernaemontana stapfiana Britten (Apocynaceae) Extracts Afr. J. Trad. CAM 6 (2): 186-194. Ruttoh, E.K., Tarus, P.K., Bii, C.C., Machocho, A.K., Karimi, L.K. and Okemo, P.O.

Urinary soluble egg antigen levels in Schistosoma haematobium infection in relation to sex and age of Kenyan school children following Praziquantel treatment


Jimmy H Kihara, Eliud NM Njagi, Eucharia U Kenya, Marium T Mwanje, Adel E Odek, Govert Van Dam, Anthony I Kahama, & John H Ouma


Performance of a 2-element pane reflector augmented galvanized pipe flat plate collector for solar water pasteurization

Journal of Food Technology, 7(1): 12-19.

EA Onyango, TFN Thoruwa, SM Maingi & EM Njagi
2009 Comments on "Sansevieria bacularis". Journal of the International Sansevieria Society 21: 15–16 Newton, L.E.
2009 Antifangal Activity of Tabernaemontana stapfiana Britten (Apocynaceae) Organic Extracts.
Chemical constituents from the root bark of Ozoroa insignis.
Journal of Tropical Microbiology and Biotechnology Monda, E.O., Asanga, D.O., Okemo, P.O.
2009 Subclinical Nephrotoxicity associated with with ocuupational Silica Exposure among Malee Kenyan Industrial Workers. East African Medical Journal 244-250.

Mwangi, D.M., Njagi, L.M., Mcligeyo, S.O., Kihoro, J.M., Ngeranwa, J.J.N., Orinda, G.O. and Njagi, E.N.M.

2009 Synthesis and Optical Properties of ZnO Nanotubes from Electrospun Polymer Fiber Templates. Langmuir, 25(13), 7547 Ochanda, F.; Cho, K.; Andala, D., Keane, T. C.; Jones, W. E. Jr
2009 Subclinical nephrotoxicity caused by occupational silica exposure among male Kenyan industrial workers.
Aggravation of pathogenasis mediated by aflatoxin B1 in mice infected with rypanosoma brucei rhodensiense.
PMSE Preprints, 100, 690-691. Runge, M. Brett; Mwangi, Martin T.; Miller, A. Lee, II; Perring, Mathew; Hoak, Kavin M.; Schulz,
Michael D.; Bowden, Ned B
2009 Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Injection Molded gamma-Irradiated Virgin and Recycled High density Polyethylene.   Ruttoh, E.K., Bii, C.C., Tarus, P.K., Machocho, A.K., Karimi, L.K. and Okemo, P.O.
2009 Sequential reactions with
Grubbs"catalysts and AD-mix-?/? using PDMS thimbles"
Org. Lett. 11(1), 33-36 Mwangi, M. T., Michael D. Schulz, Bowden, N. B.
2009 Aggravation of pathogenesis mediated by ochratoxin A in mice infected withTrypanosoma brucei rhodesiense   Kibugu J.K., Makumi J.N., Ngeranwa J.J.N, Kagira J.M., Gathumbi J.K.Mdachire,and Mwangi J.N
2009 Anti-plasmodial activity and toxicity of extracts of plants used in traditional malaria therapy in Meru and Kilifi Districts of Kenya. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 37: 116-119 Margaret Mwihaki Ng'ang'a, Hidayat Hussain, Sumesh Chhabra Caroline Langat- Thoruwa, Karsten Krohn

Subclinical nephrotoxicity caused by occupational silica exposure among male Kenyan industrial workers.

East African Medical Journal, 86:100-106.

DM Mwangi, LJ Njagi, SO Mc'ligeyo, JM Kihoro, JJN Ngeranwa, GO Orinda & ENM Njagi

2009 Isolation of high quality DNA and RNA from cambium of the East African Greenheart (Warburgia ugandensis) African Journal of Biotechnology 8 Muge E, Burg K, Kadu C, Muchugi A, Lemurt S and Jamnadass R
2009 Prevalence of antibodies and cell mediated immune response against Leishmania major in feral nopnhuman primates from Kenya. Acta Tropica, 109: 136-140 M.M. Gicheru, M. M. Jenebey, J.C. Macharia, H.E. Carlson, MA. Suleman

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