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Date Issued
2009 Genetic relateness among Fusarium species isolated from Taita Taveta Region, Kenya. Tropical and subtropical Agrosystems, 11: 337- 345. Maina, P.K., Okoth, S., Njoroge, C.N., Monda, E.O.
2009 Impact of land use on distribution and diversity of Fusarium species in Taita, Kenya. Tropical and subtropical
Agrosystems, 11: 323-335.
Maina, P.K., Okoth, S. Monda, E.O
2009 Population Levels of Indigenous Bradyrhizobia Nodulating Promiscuous Soybean in two Kenyan Soils of the Semi-arid and Semi-humid Agroecological Zones. The Journal of Protozoolgy Research Volume 19:24-33.

Kibugu J.K., Makumi J.N., Ngeranwa J.J.N, Kagira J.M., Gathumbi J.K. and Mwangi J.N

2009 A supervised land cover classification of a western Kenya lowland endemic for human malaria: associations of land cover with larval Anopheles habitats International Journal of Health Geographics 2009, 8:19 FM Mutuku, MN Bayoh, AW Hightower, JM Vulule, JE Gimnig, JM Mueke, FA Amimo, ED Walker
2009 The influence of meteorological parameters on indoor radon in selected traditional Kenyan dwellings. Journal of Radiological Protection 29, 95-103. Chege, M.W., Rathore, I.V.S., Chhabra, S.C., and Mustapha, A.O.
2009 Fumonisin B1 and Aflatoxin
B1 levels in Kenyan maize
Journal of Plant Pathology, 91:459-464 Alakonya, A.E. Monda, E.O. Ajanga, S.
2008 Characteristics and efficiencies of retentive structures for coarse particulate organic matter (CPOM) in a low order tropical forested stream: Sagana River, Kenya. East African Journal of Science Mwangi, Benson M. and Odhiambo Charles

Environmental and occupational exposure to lead.

East African Medical Journal, 85(6): 161-169. GK Njoroge; ENM Njagi; GO Orinda; CB Sekadde-Kigondu & JK Kayima
2008 Usefulness of faecal Streps as indicator of presence of Salmonella sp. and Vibrio cholerae in sewage effluents Malaysian Journal of Microbiology Okemo, O. P.; Mariita, M. R.
2008 Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense transmitted by a single tsetse fly bite in vervet monkeys as a model of human African trypanosomiasis PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2008 May; 2(5): e238. John K. Thuita, John M. Kagira,
David Mwangangi, Enock Matovu,
C. M. R. Turner, Daniel Masiga

Estimation of out-crossing rate in a natural breeding population of Warburgia ugandensis using AFLP marker

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 7 (2), pp. 139-146, 18 January, 2008

A. Muchugi, G. M. Muluvi, A. J. Simons, F. N. Wachira and R. H. Jamnadass


Microbiological quality and safety of Rastrineobola argentea retailed in Kisumu town markets, Kenya.

East African Medical Journal, 85(10): 28-32.

AW Sifuna, ENM Njagi, PO Okemo, A Munyalo, GO Orinda & S Karuiki .

2008 Influence of Deposition parameters on the Optical properties of thin tungsten oxide films prepared by reactive DC magnetron sputtering. East African Journal of Physical Sciences, 8(1): 55-74 C.K. Wangati, W.K. Njoroge and J. Okumu
2008 Cascade reactions using LiAlH4 or Grignard reagents in the presence of water Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 47(5),935-939 Runge M. B., Mwangi, M. T., Bowden, N. B.
2008 Threat to wildlife posed by enteric pathogens from Nakuru sewage treatment plant.. African Journal of Health Sciences Ngari , J. M. K. Kotut., and P. Okemo
2008 Transfection of Plasmodium Knowlwsi in Baboon papio anubis provides a new system for analyses of parasites espressed transgenes and host parsites interface. International Journal of integrated biology, 2: 100-108 James M. Munyao, Michael M. Gicheru, Zipporah W. Nganga, Esther kagasi, Hastings S. Ozwara,
2008 Chemical constituents from the leaves of Drypetes gerrardii. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 36: 320 – 322. Margaret Mwihaki Ng'ang'a, Sumesh Chhabra, Caroline Langat-Thoruwa, Hidayat
Hussain Karsten Krohn
2008 A comparative study of Eosinophiluria in single and mixed schistosoma infections in Kenyan school children J. Natcon 20
(1), 81 - 96
Adel E. Odek, Eucharia U. Kenya, Mariam T. Mwangi, Claus M. Reimert, Jimmy H. Kihara, Briggite J. Vennervald, John H. Ouma and Rekha Sharma.
2008 A materials approach to site-isolate Grubbs? catalyst from incompatible solvents and reagents Chem. Eur. J. 14, 6780-6788 Mwangi, M. T., Runge M. B., Kevin M. Hoak, Michael D. Schulz, Bowden, N. B.

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