Research Publications

Date Issued
2007 Efficacy and compatibility of Fungi, Neem and Commercial Acaricide as control agents for ticks. J. Natcon 19 (2), 321 – 331 Eucharia Kenya, Ellie Osir,
James Kabii, Rekha Sharma
2007 Traditional antimalarial phytotherapy remedies used by the Kwale community of the Kenyan Coast. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2007 114, 377–386. C.N. Muthaura, G.M. Rukunga, S.C. Chhabra, G.M. Mungaic, E.N.M. Njagi
2007 Antimalarial Activity of Some Plants Traditionally used in Meru district of Kenya Phytotherapy Research 21, 860–867. C. N. Muthaura, G. M. Rukunga, S. C. Chhabra, S. A. Omar, A. N. Guantai, J. W. Gathirwa, F. M. Tolo, P. G. Mwitari, L. K. Keter, P. G. Kirira, C. W. Kimani, G. M. Mungai and E. N. M. Njagi
2007 Traditional phytotherapy of some remedies used in treatment of malaria in Meru district of Kenya. South African Journal of Botany 73, 402-411. C.N. Muthaura, G.M. Rukunga, S.C. Chhabra, G.M. Mungai and E.N.M. Njagi
2007 Antimicrobial activity of Apis mellifera L. propolis collected in three regions of Kenya. J. Venom. Anim. Toxins incl. Trop. Dis., 13: 655-663. Muli, E.M. and Maingi, J.M
2007 Organochlorine residues in tissues of marine fauna along the Coast of Kenya Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia Vol. 21 no.1 pp145-149 Bor, S.K., Simbauni, J.A.,Njue,W.N.,Kinyua, A.M. &Chhabra,S.C, M.P.Oyugi
2007 Host preference of Xanthopimpla stemmator (Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae) and its reproductive performance on selected African Lepidopteran stemborers. Biocontrol Science and Technology 17(5): 499-511. Gitau CW, Ngisong, AJ, Otieno, S.A and Overholt, WA
2007 Synthesis and characterization of transition metal-stabilized carbocations of the types [Cp*(CO)2Fe{?-(CnH2n-1)}M(CO)xCp]PF6 (x = 2, M = Fe or Ru; x = 3, M = W; Cp* = ?5-C5(CH3)5; Cp = ?5-C5H5; n = 3 - 6) and [Cp(CO)2Ru{?-(CnH2n-1)}W(CO)3Cp]PF6 (n = 3 – 5) and the crystal structures of the complexes [Cp*(CO)2Fe(CH2)3Ru(CO)2Cp], [Cp*(CO)2Fe(CH2)5Ru(CO)2Cp], [Cp*(CO)2Fe(CH2)5W(CO)3Cp], and [Cp(CO)2Ru(CH2)5W(CO)3Cp], J. Organomet. Chem. 692, 2456-2472. Evans O. Changamu, Holger B. Friedrich, and Melanie Rademeyer,
2007 Tigale diterpenoids from the stem bark of Neoboutonia macrocalyx . Journal of natural Products 70 (5) Peter G. Kirira, Geoffrey M. Rukunga, Alphonse W. Wanyonyi, Charles N. Muthaura, Geoffrey M. Mungai, Alex K. Machocho and Isaiah O.Ndiege
2007 Medicinal Plants Used by Herbalists in Nairobi East African journal of Botany. Grace W. Gatheri
2007 Structural investigation of the carbocation complex [{Cp*(CO)2Fe}2{?-(C3H5)}]PF6 J. Organomet. Chem. 692, 5091 – 5096 Evans O. Changamu, Holger B. Friedrich R. Alan Howie and Melanie Rademeyer
2007 Determination of some immune boosting trace elements in selected food grains grown Kenya J. of The Kenya Chemical Society , 4(1): 27 Muchemi G.N., Wanjau R.N., Murungi J.I., Njue W
2007 Effects of two summer crops and population densities of Meloidogyne arenaria race 1 on amplification of Pasteuria penetrans. Journal of
Kariuki, G.
M & Dickson
2007 Vaccination of cattle with TickGARD induces cross-reactive antibodies binding to conserved linear peptides of Bm86 homologues in Boophilus decoloratus. Journal: Vaccine Vol. 25 (2007); 1287-1296 David O. Odongo, Lucy Kamau, Robert Skilton , Stephen Mwaura , Cordula Nitsch, Evans Taracha , Antony Musoke , Claudia Daubenberger, Richard Bishop

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