Students Research

Year Tittle Author
2013 Bioengineering maize with c-repeat binding factor 1 (CBFI) as a strategy towards drought tolerance Kuria, Eric Kimani
2013 Antioxidant Properties of Cultivated Edible Mushroom Muna, Grace Adoyo
2013 Characterization of the Genetic Diversity and Pathogenecity of Colletotrichum Kahawae using Random Amplified Polymorphic Dna(Rapd)Analysis Owaka, Margaret
2013 Protection and Molecular Characterazitation of Rotavirus Strains Isolated from Children Attending Selected Health Facilities in Kiambu District Wandera, Ernest Apondi
2013 Establishment of an in vitro micropropagation protocol for farmer prefered cocoyam [colocasia esculenta (l) schott] and [xanthosoma sagittifolium (l) schott] cultivars grown in kenya Wokabi, Josephine N.
2013 Diversity, ecology and altitudinal distribution of corticolous lichens in Mount Kenya Tropical Montane Forest Kirika, Paul Muigai
2013 Pesticide residues in some vegetables rotated with tobacco using hplc, and farmers' awareness of pesticide health effects in Kuria- Migori, Kenya Oyugi, Rose Bhoke
2013 Composition and repellency of essential oils of tagetes minuta from different zones in Kenya against brown ear tick (rhipicephalus appendlculatusi Makang' a, Omache Benard
2013 Levels of selected nutrients in varities of ipomoea batatas grown in Vihiga County, Kenya Amukboye, Kennedy Aywa
2013 Synthesis of binuclear iron complex which may serve as possible starting material for the formation of a dinitrogen complex Mwangi, Joseph Kigathi
2013 Determination of levels of essential elements, lead and lead risk exposure factors in adult males using finger nails and scalp hair Nyambura, James Ndiritu
2013 Isolation and characterization of yeast from gallus gallus droppings in Kabigeriet village, Olenguruone Kemoi, Edson Kipyegon
2013 Evaluation of malaria transmission intensity using antibody responses to plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein-119 after vector control in Western Kenya Shehu, Shagari Awandu

Distribution and vegetation association of grevy's zebra (equus grevyi) in Tsavo East National Park and the surrounding ranchlands

Mwazo, Alexander Gombe
2013 Agronomic and Rodent Pests Management by Maize Farmers in Rongai Division, Nakuru County Mutinda, Anna Mukunya
2013 Availability,Utilization and Appropriateness of the Mechanisms for Monitoring and Evaluating Continuing Professional Development at Middle Level Health Training Institutions in Kenya Mwita, Nzomo
2013 Evaluation of the Efficacy of Mundulea Sericia(Fabaceae)Extracts on Larval Survival of Anopheles Gambiae and Culex Quinoefasciatus(Diptera:Culicidae) Kiania, Nahashon Mugao
2013 Fish Species Community Structure of Rivers Awach Seme and Kisian in Lake Victoria Basin,Kenya Before and After Weir Installation Ombogo, Mornica Akinyi
2013 Simulating Natural Turbulent Convection Fluid Flow in an Enclosure the Two-Equation Turbulent Models Otieno, Kennedy Otieno
2013 Relationship between mathematical language and students' performance in mathematics in public secondary schools in Nairobi province, Kenya Njoroge, Benson
2013 Application of Mass Transport Model to Study Temporal Variation of Concentration of Lead in Riverine System Njiru, Sophy Njoki
2013 Investigations into THE Permeability and Tectonic Lineaments of Homa Hills Geothermal Prospect,using Ground Magnetic Method Otieno, Bernard Otieno
2013 Mechanical properties and thermal degradation of bitumen-acacia sap composites Mbithi, Nelson Matheka
2013 Assessment of natural radioactivity levels and radiation risk due to the different rock types in the Kerio Valley region of Kenya Agora, Jared Omari
2013 Design and fabrication of labview automated computer-based fire fighting system Kipngetich, Daniel Ketui
2012 Mother's knowledge and practice of home care management of diarrhoea and risk factors in under 5 years in Nakuru, Kenya. Mugo, Jackbeth M.
2012 A study of selected teacher factors related to performance in mathematics among from three students in Kirinyaga district Kirembu, Joseph Kuria
2012 A study of the attitudes of pre-service teachers towards mathematics in some primary teachers colleges Tumbo, Martin E. Maundu
2012 Mathematics across the curriculum: a case study of the applications of mathematics in selected Kenyan secondary school subjects Kiswili, Patrick Muoki
2012 Some genetic effects of agrochemicals on nitrogen fixing bacteria Nancy, Budambula
2012 Investigation of taint characteristics relating to the quality and flavour of coffee Onani, Martin Opiyo
2012 The bacteriological quality and the receiving waters of Nairobi and Athi Rivers Musyoki, Abednego Moki

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