Lucas Luvai

Position: Tutorial Fellow
Department: Zoological Sciences
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844-00100, Nairobi, Kenya

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Asaava Lucas holds a BVM.( Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine), an M.Sc. (Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics) and is Registered and retained Veterinary Surgeon, with the Kenya Veterinary Board (KVB). He is pursuing PhD in Immunology in the Department of Zoological Sciences, School of Physical and Applied Sciences (SPAS).


  • Asaava L.L.A., Gicheru, M.M., Mwangi, M., Mwangi, E., Juma, Moraa, R., Halakhe, A. and Githui, W.A. (2019). A cross-sectional epidemiological investigation of nontuberculous mycobacteria of public health importance in slaughter camels in Samburu County, Kenya. Tropical Animal Health and Production. Received: 28 May 2019 /Accepted: 19 August 2019. Springer Nature B.V. 2019.
  • Asaava LucasEt. Al. 2009A Survey Of Cysticercus Bovis/ Taenia Saginata In Northern Turkana Preventive Veterinary Medicine.
  • Asaava,L.L., Kitala, P.M., Gathura, P.B., Muchemi, G., and Schelling. E. A Survey of Bovine Cysticercosis / Human Taeniosis in northern Turkana District Kenya. Prev. Vet. Med. prev. vet. Med.(2009).

  •  M.O Nanyingi, K.B. Kipsengeret, C.G. Wagate, B.K. Lagat,L.L. Asaavaand J.O. Midiwo. In Vitro and In Vivo Antiplasmodial activity of Kenyan medicinal plants. In Aspects of African Biodiversity: proceedings of the pan African chemistry network biodiversity conference, Nairobi, 2008. Ed. J.Midiwo and J. Clough


  1. Presented part of PHD work at the First International Conference on Food Safety that was held in Kenyatta University from 20th to 24th May 2019.

Technical & Administrative

  • Member of Kenyatta University- Animal Care and Use Committee (KU-ACUC): April, 2017 to date.
  • Departmental Examinations coordinator: September, 2017 to date.
  • Delivering content, facilitating e-learning, supervision of undergraduate student projects in the department of zoological sciences and Department of Animal Sciences, Kenyatta University.


  • Asaava L. A. Lucas 2009 A Survey Of Cysticercus Bovis/ Taenia Saginata In Northern Turkana Terra Nouva/Amref.

Progress towards PHD

  • PHD Thesis is ready and being reviewed by supervisors awaiting submission for examination.